How to Move WordPress from Localhost to Live Server

How to Move WordPress from Localhost to Live Server


WordPress performs one of the easiest website builders among other Content Management systems (CMS), Which can you used by any person with or without coding knowledge based on their requirement. If you need more customization by creating your own theme and other stuff. Then you should need help from a WordPress developer or a few WordPress blogs website like ours 🙂

Why should install WordPress in localhost server?

Are you trying to become a WordPress developer? My very first tip is to work on your localhost ( WAMP / MAMP / XAMPP )

It is the quite simple and best way to sort out from unnecessary or unexpected chilly issues likes loading low, Internet usage, Server bandwidth limit, and Troubleshooting, etc.,

Once you almost are done with the design as per your expectation then you can proceed to move the localhost to the live server.

Finally, Let some to the point. In this article, We will explain to you the 2 easier ways to move your WordPress site from localhost to live server.

Why 2 options to move from localhost to live server?

Usually, There are many ways to achieve. But we prefer the 2 options which mostly used method and easier way to understand 🙂

Okie fine 🙂 What are those 2 methods?

If the above is your question? Let’s start!!!

Method 1 : Moving the wordpress site from localhost to live server via plugin Method 2 : Manually method to move from localhost to live server

Method 1. Duplicator plugin

Strongly I recommend this method for beginners. It is the easiest method without any hassle-free headaches. It just easy as 1,2,3

Step 1. Select “Plugins” and Click “Add new” Menu

Login to your admin panel and Go to, Plugins >> Add New

 Add new plugin

Step 2. “Search” “Install” and “Activate” the Duplicator plugin

Search for “Duplicator” , or click this link Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin Install & Activate the plugin

 Install and Activate Plugin

Step 3. Once Activated the Plugin. Go to “Duplicator >> Packages “

We need to create a new package to clone the current wordpress website

Click Duplicator Plugin

Hold on!!! Am I boring you to read a long article?

I know 🙂 It’s true. OKie fine, Then we make it as short as easier as well

Our Infographic chart to understand easier and clear way from step 4

Localhost to Live Server Infographic chart

Method 2. Manual method way

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AIM Creative Media Agency - Arun
AIM Creative Media Agency - Arun
11 months ago

Interesting post!!! Ready you made easy understanding with the awesome infographic… Good Article!!! Keep posting

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